The TT Cranes

The TT Fast erecting cranes are suitable for a wide variety of uses, very economical and offer different jib lengths, operator-selected load moments and hook heights.

The 32TT crane has a double telescopic action, can be moved to its working position in a matter of minutes and ballasted by one operator using the new ballasting equipment. This crane has a simple wind protection sysem and can be driven into very narrow gaps on site while erected.

The 32TT is also available on crawler tracks as 32TTR.

The K Cranes

The fast erecting crane programme of lattice construction extends from 34 to 120mt. These cranes have various jib lengths and hook heights as well as simple erecting kinematics.

The K series cranes can be transported on the road as a completely ready-to-use unit. They need very little erecting space, and with their fast climbing equipment, complete tower segments can be installed quickly and easily and the hook height adjusted to suit the construction-site situation. These cranes have 45° obstruction-avoiding jib position and a 30° steep-angle jib position.